Digger-The Dog


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All toddlers love the idea of having a pet. With the Funskool Digger the dog toy, you can fulfil your toddler’s wish of owing a pet by giving your kid the perfect companion. This Digger the dog is an exclusive design by Funskool created to give your kids more fun and happiness during their playtime. The cute dog comes with large floppy ears and bright colours that tend to make it more attractive for children. In fact, kids are bound to fall for the toy dog’s lovely droopy eyes inviting them to come and play. What’s more is that the toy dog wears a smart deerstalker hat and shows several funny walking actions as well as wags its tail each time it is pulled along.

As adults, we know that owing a pet comes with big responsibilities. Through Digger the dog toy, your kid also gradually learns the sensitivity, love and care that pets in the house must be shown. Additionally, this learning and development of social skills happen in a fun-filled, subtle manner and therefore ensures that your baby’s first steps are followed by the development of good habits. Given its colourful design and unique features, the Funskool digger dog toy is ideal for kids in the age group of 9 to 18 months. You also don’t require a battery to operate this toy. Simply pull along and it will play.


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