Frank Shadow Match Puzzle for 4 Year Old Kids and Above


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  • All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure our products are manufactured under hygienic conditions
  • Develops imagination, coordination, visual learning and enhances memory skills through fun filled activities
  • Early learner
  • A fun-filled puzzle to develop the general awareness of children regarding the common fruits and vegetables and the plants or trees on which they grow
  • The colourful puzzles will give your child hours of enjoyment



Frank’s early learner range of educational puzzles and games introduces basic concepts to young learners in a fun and enjoyable way. In this educational puzzle, the child has to match each shadow to the object to which it belongs. This product uses the “play and learn” technique to provide children with an activity that is both fun as well as geared towards developing their visual skills, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination. Assembling the pieces will improve the child’s concentration and level of patience. Meant for children of age 3 years and above, and includes 24 sets of 2-piece puzzles. Only the correct pieces will fit with each other ensuring that the child learns the concept properly.

Product Includes – Includes 48 Puzzle Pieces


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