Funskool Giggles My First Easel


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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Funskool giggles my first easel, is one of the best educational and creative fun gift that can be given to a 3 years plus child, as it promotes both creative and learning skills, with highly interactive elements and design that will last during the initial growing years of the child. The different elements of the easel, with magnetic alphabets and numbers, dust free eraser, chalk board, paper with clips enables the child to navigate through various activities with curiosity and ease. An apt kit to promote the motor skills, reading, counting and managing various aspects of the learning content. The easel which has to be used while standing also encourages pretend and play. Child can be a teacher or an artist simply creating doodle art from the manufacturer highly interactive: The easel has multi layered activity points to engage the child. The magnetic alphabets and numbers, the drawing board with dust free eraser, chalk board and clips to fix paper – provide various surfaces to learn and play. It is important that child is supervised as they move into the exciting phase of discovering new skills all the time. Sight, touch and action: Colorful fun magnetic alphabets and number, the pull of the magnetic surface, space to move the magnets around, interacting from magnets to drawing on chalk board, cleaning up the art works etc. is exciting to the child’s senses. Learning while making the process fun attracts child to explore further. Helps with hand-eye coordination and different interactive scope of product helps with overall development of the child. Skills development: Perfect toy kit for motor skills, cognitive skills, hand-eye co-ordination and sensory skills note: Color and content of the product may vary from illustration. Dimensions after assembly: 565mmx 275mmx 1130mm (approx.) Only one dry erase marker provided. Paper not provided. Funskool giggles my first easel kit content: Easel stand with support – 1 no. Magnetic dry erase/chalk board – 1 no. Paper clips – 2 nos. Magnetic alphabet, numbers and operators – 41 nos. Tray – 1 no. Height adjustment knobs – 2 nos. Duster – 1 no. Dry erase marker – 1 no. Instructions manual. PRODUCT FEATURES High quality wooden creative and educational learning toy kit for children from 3 years and above, kids will learn alphabets and numbers, to build basic words and math Easel kit is both fun to play and learn, designed to enable child to progress from one activity to another, the highly interactive elements of the easel with magnetic words and numbers, the feature to erase and draw, chalk board with a different texture to draw with, clips to hold paper that’s easy to flip, gives child multiple activity options for overall development The easel is designed to grow with your child, as it comes with two height adjustments and child lock safety Thoughtful elements and design for children to use the kit with comfort includes: Mess-free dry eraser, tray to store the supplies with easy access to the same, clips to hold the paper for drawing and pairing fun


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