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Othello Classic , Funskool Games ,Strategy Games, 8 and above-Toyterra

Othello, Strategy Game

Othello, Strategy Game

Othello, Strategy Game

64 Reversible Chips and Board

This Othello game comes with 64 reversible flip disks. The plastic board has two disk holders and a dense paper bracket. The two-player game develops competitive, strategic, and problem-solving skills in kids at an early age.

Fun and Challenging Board Game

The classic board game is highly competitive, and it requires years of practice to master. To win the game, a player must have the maximum number of his chosen colour pieces. The game improves lateral thinking and decision-making abilities.

Suitable for Children and Adults

This board game can be a perfect gift set for both children and adults. It is excellent for young, developing minds as it helps them devise various strategies to win the game.

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